Monday, June 19, 2006

A Research scholar!!

Research scholars often feel a mind of dull and frustration when things not go in their way.This is,what i observed and even my personal experience.But as time moves,things are set right and life start flowing smooth with poured effort.This just iam putting below,
Problem become tougher and tougher
count of unanswered questions
ecome bigger & bigger
project attained stagnation
mind is dull with desperation
trying to run away frm the lab environment
thats the only thought in the present moment
closing my eyes in need of peace
even the time seem to freeze.......
then came a thought
from the deepest of mind
its not first time to b stalled
have had somany in the past
overcame with hard effort
no longer life will be difficult
unleashed are thoughts of hope
every question will be answered
and every problem will b solved
there is a life to b lived.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Taj Mahal - Shah Jahan's view!!

When i visited Agra last year i got a view
of Taj frm Agra fort, where Shah jahan was
kept under house arrest.
then i thought, what Shah jahan would have
might b this.....

Together we started our journey
but u reached the destination in a hurry
in the halfway iam left stranded
wondering the path u followed
leaving me in the midway is unfair
me looking for ur footstep marks in despair
i cann't travel alone anylonger
not interested to pursue my journey
-with any stranger
hoping to reach u very sooner
iam coming...
iam coming...
iam coming...